Home North West Royalty Amb. Mansur Bamalli felicitates with own brother, Mua’zu
Amb. Mansur Bamalli felicitates with own brother, Mua’zu

Amb. Mansur Bamalli felicitates with own brother, Mua’zu


Amb. Mansur Bamalli – Magajin Garin Zazzau felicitates with own brother, Mua’zu

Abubakar Sadiq Moh’d

On the newly turbaned Baraden Zazzau, Alhaji Mu’azu Nuhu Bamalli, who is a banker, deputy director with CBN Headquarters Abuja, the Moroccon Envoy said “Mua’zu Bamalli as his elder brother, the new Barade is a quite and reserved personality with vast administrative, Banking and Royalty experiences that will aid in guiding his traditional responsibility.

He said Mu’azu Bamalli is free person who never interfear in people’s activities unless when invited. This, according to him has earned him more respect both from the family members and the society at large.

Magajin Gari added that though, Mua’zu quite reserved in nature, the new Barade is very friendly and responsible especially when you come closer to him.

“Infact, I am among his pet in house and we chat freely, spending longer time together, advising and guiding each other on issues of concern”

“Lot of people misunderstood him for his quietness, because he is well focused and composed. But when you interact with him, you get to know that he is the kind of person you will want to deal with so often.

“This is because of his honesty and straight forwardness. He hardly fail when he make a promise or give you his words.” He pointed out.

Similarly, Alhaji Mansur Bamalli noted that the Emir of Zazzau Mallam Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli has made a good decision in elevating Alhaji Idris Ibrahim Idris to the position of Dan Madamin Zazzau.

He said “Danmadami having held about three traditional titles in the past, he has garner lots of experience to occupy his late father’s and brother’s position”

Bamalli said Idris, the new Danmadami is a pride of the royalty and prayed Allah to continue to guide his path as he took oath of allegiance to serve the emirate with all his might.

Magajin Gari then advised the three newly turbaned traditionalists to support the Emir and propel the good name of the emirate wherever they find themselves.

He emphasized on patient, perseverance and unity among the entire ruling clans and people of the emirate.


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