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Established Since 2014


Eminence Royalty Magazine International is an initiative and a culmination of varied thoughts of young professionals across the length and breath of Nigeria, which was conceived several years ago and recently actualized in 2017 by Alhaji Abubakar Mainasara Shehu Idris (Walin Gabas Zazzau) who holds a traditional title in Zazzau Emirate, Kaduna State, Nigeria, who is also the team leader in Organizing Seminar and workshop on Security, Awareness, Peaceful Co-existence and Religious tolerance to the entire 390 District Heads in Kaduna State in 2013, which was in collaboration between Noor Logistics Synergy Ltd (Parent establishment of ERMI and Kaduna State Ministry for Chieftaincy affairs and had His Highness, the Emir of Zazzau in attendance as “Royal Father of the Day” and also the then Executive Governor of Kaduna State which declared the workshop open, a programme which exposed all the district heads to various advantages and certificates were issued to all the participants at the end of the 2 days programme.


Eminence Royalty Magazine International (ERMI) is working with authorized persons in so many Nigerian Emirates, Kingdoms, Chiefdoms and other governments related agencies like the National Council for Religious and Traditional Rulers, States Ministries of Chieftaincy affairs, etc. the mutual co-operation with the different traditional institutions as well as the collaboration with the relevant governments agencies, would open the windows of opportunities for the proposed Magazine, to source its materials for a sustained publications.




The frequency for the production of the Eminence Royalty Magazine International, will be quarterly for a start and after an anticipated and encouraging performance, the magazine will be produced monthly.


The idea of gradual frequency of publication, is to avoid any possible pit falls arising from the known daunting challenges associated with magazine publication.




Eminence Royalty Magazine International is being strategized to be circulated in two major ways:

1) It will be openly circulated to the news stands, individuals, subscription, at renowned decent places like the airports, hotels, supermarkets, embassies, reception halls of relevant governments agencies etc.


2) The second way will be the controlled circulation, where approved or agreed number of copies would be delivered at Emirates, Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, Schools’ bookshops, private organizations.




The management of Eminence Royalty Magazine International had proposed that the Maiden edition of the magazine, be focused on the 43rd Anniversary of His Highness, the Emir of Zazzau Alhaji (Dr) Shehu Idris, CFR, who is also the Chairman of Kaduna State Council of traditional rulers and chiefs.

The Maiden edition will contain a lot of interesting and worthy reading materials like historical pictures and write-ups, some events pictures of the Emir of Zazzau, pictures of current Zazzau traditional title holders, district heads alongside their possible contacts for ease of reference and communication among themselves and external circle.

In addition, the Maiden edition will contain commemorative goodwill messages to His Highness at affordable charges from well wishers like individuals, traditional institutions, various tends of government, agencies, private organizations, etc.

Similarly, the maiden edition will be 200 pages publication and will be produced in minimum of Five thousand (5,000) copies as special 43rd Anniversary commemorative edition. It will also come with a special but affordable price cover.


It’s planned that after the special edition, which will serve as the Maiden publication, Eminence Royalty Magazine International (ERMI) will continue to be produced on quarterly basis as earlier stated.


The subsequent editions will be criss-crossing the different Emirates, Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, etc in the country as sources of the magazines reading materials for publications.



It’s definitely a heart warming and encouraging inferences which the magazine seeks to achieve, which include:

  1. Bringing out very clear ways of how Emirates, Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, etc carryout their functions.
  2. Promote mutual relations between diverse traditional institutions across the country.
  3. Promote good relationships and understanding between traditional institutions, the different levels of governments and citizen way at large.  
  4. To project the rich and treasured Nigeria’s traditional and cultural heritage to the outside world.
  5. To avail virtually all the traditional title holders across the traditional institutions, to easily know and become familiar with each other.
  6. To constantly remind Nigerians and the world, specific responsibilities attached to every traditional title in Nigeria.
  7. To enable Nigerians know where Nigeria’s Emirates, Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, etc can be located, their boundaries, etc.




We only try to briefly capture what Eminence Royalty Magazine International is all about in this short introductory note, which we believe at this juncture, you have a fair grasp of what the magazine is all about.

Our sincere prayers now and ever is for Zazzau Emirate Council to take up this laudable initiative and give us all the necessary and unflinching support in all ramifications, to enable us weather the daunting challenges  ahead of us for our collective successes.

We also pray that may Allah (SWT) continue to guide and reward us in all our varied responsibilities, Ameen.

We thank you most sincerely in strongest anticipation of a positive and inspiring response soonest.




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