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Your loyalty, informed decision to elevate you – Wazirin Zaz’zau

Your loyalty, informed decision to elevate you – Wazirin Zaz’zau


Your Loyalty, Obedience informed decision to elevate you to Sa’i – Wazirin Zazzau

From Abubakar Sadiq Mohd Zaria

The Wazirin Zazzau and Senior Councilor, Zazzau emirate council, Khadi Mohammed Aminu Inuwa has disclosed that the decision to elevate the Baraden Zazzau to Sa’i, Sa’i to Dan Madami and fresh appointment of new Baraden Zazzau were all informed by their unflinching loyalty and obedience exhibited by the trio to the emirate. Waziri was speaking exclusively during an interview with Royalty Magazine after the turbaning ceremony held at Emir’s palace in Zaria.

He said when their nominations was brought up in the council meeting, virtually all members voted unanimously for the appointment. Khadi Mohammed Inuwa said the council has found the turbaned title holders worthy base on their track records of services and their continued loyalty to the traditional Institution in Zaria.

According to him, the trio have demonstrated high sense of royalty in all their dealings and had served as good ambassadors of the emirate in their respective places of sojourn. “These and many other reasons informed the decision of the Council to elevate them to a more higher positions so that they can continue to do the good things they were known for, to the emirate.” He said.

The Wazirin Zazzau stated that having decided at the council level, the Emir in his wisdom instantly approved the appointments without any hesitation. “This is to tell you how viable and resourceful they are because if they are not, the Emir will not approved them for those excelling traditional positions.” He stressed.

Khadi Inuwa therefore urged the newly turbaned Sa’i, Dan Madami and Barade to leave above board by exhibiting high sense of loyalty to the Emir and ensure positive contributions to the development of the emirate and nation as a whole.

He prayed Allah’s guidance and protection while urging them to continue to remain humble and helpful to the entire people of the emirate.


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