Home North West Royalty Only surviving member of late Idrisu Auta family cautions Sa’i, Danmadami
Only surviving member of late Idrisu Auta family cautions Sa’i, Danmadami

Only surviving member of late Idrisu Auta family cautions Sa’i, Danmadami


Don’t derail from good character instilled in you – Only surviving member of Idrisu family – Haj. Balkisu

From Abubakar Sadiq Mohd Zaria
October 2023

The only surviving member of the Idrisu family out of 27 siblings, Hajiya Bilkisu Idris has tasked the new Sa’i not to drail from the good character and sound moral upbringing instilled in him right from birth in the course of discharging his responsibility.

She was commenting on the recent elevation of Alhaji Adamu Umar Idris to the position of Sa’in Zazzau shortly after the turbaning ceremony at the Emir’s palace in Zaria.

Hajiya Bilkisu who remains the only surviving mother to the entire Idrisu family said the new Sa’i has received adequate moral and religious training that has always manifested in his day to day interactions with people.

She also noted that having come from the Royal family, both the new Sa’i and Dan Madami which was also elevated from Sa’i, were not new to holding responsibilities hence the need to showcase their expertise in the administration of people for the development of the emirate.

The surviving mother urged them not to allow people with dubious character to influence their conducts, character and general interactions with the society.

Hajiya Bilkisu noted that the Katsinawa dynasty is reknown in terms of good conduct, love for people, tolerance and patience in all their dealings which she described as the secret of achieving greater success in life.

She recalled that both the newly turbaned title holders were known to be humble, deligent, resourceful and tolerant right from childhood.

She urged them to continue in that direction as success comes from tolerance and hardwork.

The remaining existing mother expressed hope that no matter the circumstances, the newly turbaned Sa’i and Dan Madami would not deviate from the sound moral upbringing inherited from their forefathers which made the family very unique and famous over the years.

According to her, these qualities were some of the reasons considered by the Emir of Zazzau Mallam Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli to elevate them to more excelling positions.

Hajiya Bilkisu Idris prayed that the new positions will be adequately utilized in helping the poor, downtrodden, orphans and less privileged to build a developed society.

She stressed the need to maintain the spirit of unity and brotherliness among members of the family, the 3 ruling clan and the good people of emirate as a whole.

Hajiya Bilkisu prayed Almighty Allah to continue to guide and protect them while urging them to maintain the good legacies of their fore fathers till eternity.


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