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Many Victories of Dawisun Kasar Hausa – Buhari Sa’ad Kanti

Many Victories of Dawisun Kasar Hausa – Buhari Sa’ad Kanti


Dawisun Kasar Hausa, Adon Garin Katsina and Sarkin Dawakin Tsakar gida Gusau – Alh. Buhari Sa’ad Kanti.

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North Western Region,



As can be seen, realized and digested, all the above Traditional titles didn’t come his way by surprise, chance or by accident but rather by merit, due to the believe and confidence the Emirates have in him for doing alot to the development of the Emirates through empowerment and youth inclusiveness by shaping so many future for youths and adults.


Alh. Buhari Sa’ad is not only a house hold name in the royalty arena but in Business, workforce and socially related, he is a reliable figure who listens, gives, empowers and transforms lives of many people far and near.


Coming from the paternal line of Danmasanin Katsina, Alh. Saad Kanti, who was a Councilor at Katsina Emirate Council, also 22nd Danmasanin Katsina. Also have Coming from the Clan of Waliy Danmasani who was a great scholar that competed in the expertsise of 17th Century with great Scholars of Western Bilad Al Sudan.


His Maternal line is that of much and highly respected and celebrated Kabba Royal Family of Kogi State. Princess Hajiya Salamatu, coming from the root of Royalty in Kabba Kingdom, her clan is also that of the root of Islamic leadership in Kabba Kingdom, in which the 1st Chief Imam of Kabba Kingdom was realized.


Alh. Buhari is a recepient of so many awards from MTN Nigeria, FGC Daura Old boys Association, Kastina Better life association and Katsina State Horse riders association to mention but few.


Eminence Royalty Magazine International, under the leadership of Royalty Media Services will be celebrating with Dawisun Kasar Hausa, as well as promoting his  Royalty related calls and engagements.


Dawisu will soon be Turbaned by Katsina and Gusau Emirates respectively. We will be honoured to receive goodwill messages from the family, friends & associates of Dawisu.


“You too can reach out to us for the weekly promotion of Royalty related activities upon a certain amount of money to be paid quarterly”







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