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Returning to the green chamber

Returning to the green chamber


“A machine can do the work of 40 men, No machine can do the work Iyan Zazzau does”

By Mallam Sadiq I. Safana 1

1th July 2023

Returning to the Green Chamber for the forth Time making you one of the longest serving Legislators in Nigeria,One of the most accessible Legislators of the 360 our Nation has, working tirelessly towards achieving the day’s goal and deliver Democracy’s Dividends,

The development he brought to his constituents is worthy of being in the Book of Records (National and Global) Iyan Zazzau’s passion for Women and Youth Empowerment led to thousands of people becoming employers of Labor, Prior to the ascension into the Green Chamber to represent Zaria Federal Constituency of Kaduna State,

The ever-smiling legislator transferred Knowledge as a Lecturer at Kaduna State University and touched the lives of people positively, joined partisan politics and got elected to serve his constituency (Zaria Federal Constituency of Kaduna State) from 2011 to date,

A Management and Financial expert that can rub shoulder with his peers globally, Serving the Nation in many capacities from Committee Memberships to Vice Chairman and as a veteran Law Maker; chairing Committees in the House, as he leads the Land Transport Committee of the House; he left an indelible mark with People Oriented Projects that benefits not only his constituency but the Nation,

His achievements as a Law Maker were visible to the human eye and was engraved into the hearts of many. Rt. Hon. Tajuddeen Abbas sponsored over 70 bills from the time he got to the Green Chamber to date making him one of the most vibrant law makers in the history of the National Assembly. His adoption as Speaker of the 10th Assembly was one of APC’s best decision since assuming power in 2015, there is no single person that did not praise his adoption by the Party, his Patriotism is one that remained noticeable by the APC and the electorates.

Iyan Zazzau’s nomination shall usher in a new era of all inclusive and Innovative Legislation our Country needs, to those who knew him said he is an excellent Legislator with the Intellectual Capacity to preside over the affairs of the 10th Assembly as it’s Leader, to those who worked with him described him as being Prudent and Transparent, to those working with him, many said he is a Master of the game,

Rt. Hon Tajuddeen Abbas is truly an embodiment of what a 21st century Legislator means, he is Transparent, Dedicated, Accountable and defines what a Gentleman is, the Incoming Speaker is tireless with unique style of all inclusive Leadership, the Technology Savvy Legislator shall be indispensable to the incoming administration willing to collaborate with all the arms of Government in the delivery of Dividends of Democracy to Nigerians, he is a Leader that rises to the occasion anytime and anywhere, he is a Leader his peers will stand with no matter how strong the wind blows,

He is a Leader who understands the Value of the Traditional Institutions, he is the champion of the downtrodden, he is a Leader that derives please in seeing the Right thing is done for the Sovereignty of our Nation, he is a Leader that will defend the Constitution of our Nation, he is a Leader with Integrity; Iyan Zazzau stands tall in that department,

He is a Leader many look up to for motivation while inspiring thousands of youths, Others are moved by his most known and favored character: Service and Excellence, he is a rare breed Kaduna State is blessed to have, we thank Allah for bestowing Kaduna State with a maverick,

He is a Scion of Mallawa Ruling House of Zazzau Emirate, he has now joined the Hall of Fame of Great men that held the title of Iyan Zazzau, one of the most exalted Office in the Nation; the Number Four Citizen awaits your leadership come June 2023,

Occupying a Great Position with interest of seeing Nigeria achieve Renewed Hope under the Bola Tinibu administration , he is a Leader that will join the rank of Great men that laid a solid foundation for the development of the Nation, with over a decade of experience accumulated over an amazing career in the Nation’s Legislature,

A career that span years while mastering the art of Law Making and serving the Nation one day at a time, these are the experiences and Qualities that only a few of the Contestants possesses,

The Speaker of the 10th Assembly, a well Deserved Nomination by the Party’s National Working Committee.


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