Home North West Royalty Emir of Zazzau Mall. Abdulkarimu Juma’a Mosque: Emir of Zazzau Mall. Ahmadu Bamalli recieved Sultan and others
Emir of Zazzau Mall. Abdulkarimu Juma’a Mosque: Emir of Zazzau Mall. Ahmadu Bamalli recieved Sultan and others

Emir of Zazzau Mall. Abdulkarimu Juma’a Mosque: Emir of Zazzau Mall. Ahmadu Bamalli recieved Sultan and others


Royalty Media Services
North West Nigeria.
18th August 2023

1. Emir of Zazzau Mall. Abdulkarimu Juma’a Mosque 1835 – Date: Emir of Zazzau, Mall. Ahmadu Bamalli recieved Sultan, Mr. Speaker, Gov. Uba Sani and host of others

2. Iyan Zazzau, Mr. Speaker: “My heart bleeds to have heard the tragedy of the Zaria Juma’a Mosque”

Abbas Tajudden, Speaker of the 10th Assembly while in the Palace promised to be part of renovations planning by Zazzau Emirate.

Accompanied by other honourable members of the House, extended solidarity to the Speaker by showing concern to his Constituents by donating over 25 million, notable among the donors was Hon. Aminu Kurfi from Katsina State who donated 10,000,000 and categorised the funds, 2 million on behalf of his Mother, 2 million on behalf of his father, 1 million on behalf of his daughter and finally 5 million for him.

A Christian House of Rep. member from Kachia, Kaduna State donated 10 million on behalf of his constituency.

3. Fidelity Bank PLC: Hassan Imam ED North, Fidelity Bank extended hand of friendship, care and concern through Fidelity’s Cooporate Social Responsibility to the Emir of Zazzau, families of the deceased.

Hassan Imam, a friend and confident to the Emir represented Fidelity bank in distributing food items and cash support to Commissorate with the families.

4. Sarkin Zazzau Mall. Abdulkarimu Juma’a Mosque: existed 188 years before partly collapsed on friday 13th August 2023 at 3rd raka’a during asr prayers of that friday. The Mosque was built by Muham’madu Durugu when authorised by Sultan of Sokoto Muham’mad Bello.

Since then the juma’a mosque continue to receive timely renovations, also it has been expanded from point to points.

5. Eminence Royalty Magazine Int’l: 10 yrs Plus in service to the Nation & royalty, the services and operations of Royalty Media Services, parent body of Eminence Royalty Magazine Int’l and other related media outlets strategically and successfully began in February 2013 with rendering services of Workshop on Security awareness and peaceful coexistence and religious harmony to the then entire 313 District heads in Kaduna State during the leadership of Muktar Ramalan Yero, Dallatun Zazzau as Governor of Kaduna State.

The organised occasion was graced by the Governor, emir of Zazzau, director DSS, Commissioner of Police and lots more.

Since then, the team under the leadership of the founder, Alh. Abubakar Mainasara Idris, Walin Gabas Zazzau alongside different calibre of people but mainly from the media industry continue to drive the operations which resulted to so many recognitions and honour to the media outlet by the opportunities of doing so many editions such as anniversary editions of the Sultan, Oluwo of Iwo, emir of Zuru and special coronation editions of Emir of Kano, Zazzau, Bichi ETC.

6. The King of Morroco since 1999: Muham’mad Assadis IV, succeeded his late father on 23rd July 1999, since his acention he has transformed the entire political economy of Morocco, going by transformation of infrastructure, heath as well as royalty related affairs of Morocco. He is from Alawy dynasty and he is Head of State.


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