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3 Traditional Rulers Murdered in Imo State

3 Traditional Rulers Murdered in Imo State


3 Traditional Rulers Murdered in Imo State…

Royalty Magazine Team,
South East Nigeria, Perter Amos –
3rd November, 2021


South East Nigeria has over few years became a very unfreindly environment due to consistent attacks by Ipobs and bandits that have being terrorising South East.

All class of people and personalities were affected in the past, which brought about of many deaths in the region.

The 3 traditional rulers were killed while having a meeting in the state.

Royalty Magazine gathered it’s information from the Vanguard which captured the incidence and released to the public on 20 October, 2021.

South East region of Nigeria has been experiencing high rate of insecurity, killings which is affecting the growth and development of the region.

However, report has it that the traditional rulers were having a stakeholders’ meeting at the Njaba local council headquarters at Nnenasa when the hoodlums struck, killing the Obi 1 of Okwudor autonomous community, Eze E. Anayochukwu Durueburuo and Eze Sampson Osunwa of Ihebineowerre autonomous community.

It is unfortunate that despite the effort by the government in preventing the crime in the region but still the security threat is not subsiding.


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