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Magajin Malam Zazzau, Lawal Iro, granted exclusive interview on the Emir

By Magajin Malam Zazzau, by Adamu Jahjah.



Good character traits are what cultivates love and friendship among people. A leader who exhibits good virtues of selfless service to humanity, patience, perseverance and devotion to peoples wellbeing naturally gets endeared to their hearts.
Alhaji Lawal Iro is the Magajin Malam of Zazzau, Ex District Head of Samaru. In this interview with Eminence Royalty Magazine, he shared his thought and experiences on the personality of the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Dr. Shehu Idris CFR, right from their teenage days, within and beyond Elementary and Middle Schools till date.

ERMI: As a close friend to the Emir, who is celebrating 45th Anniversary on the throne, what are your feelings ?

Magajin Malam: We must praise the Almighty Allah on this and all His bounties and mercies.

I have been with the Emir since teenage age of 7. We’ve been together till date. We attended No 1 Township Elementary School, the first Primary School established in Zaria, located at Kofar Kuyambana.

In year 1949, we wrote final examination at Elementary School which qualified us for admission into Middle School (the present day Alhudahuda College). I and others spent quite good time with the Emir at tender age, we mingled in school, even at home we were also together. We used to be either in their own house or in our own house.

My self, Danjuma Bawa, Late Bello Aliyu and the Emir -Shehu Idris, ( four of us) were always together, but on a rare occasion others were with us, such as Muhammadu Barau, Auwalu Shehu and few others, whom we considered as just class mates, but not as close as the four of us. We proceeded to Alhudahuda College, thereafter I went to Technical College. Alh. Shehu Idris went to Katsina Teacher’s College, Danjuma Bawa went to Maiduguri for a course thereafter we all came back to Zaria.

Since our childhood days, Alh. Shehu Idris used to be calm, decent and gentle, as he didn’t misbehave. He didn’t have a childish attitude since then and has been a man of the people. People used to gather around him and always wanted to follow and relate with him.

ERMI: What is Unique about Alhaji Shehu Idris?

Magajin Malam: Calmness, maturity and patience, even when he was offended, he hardly reacts over it. Although, he walked a very long way, and faced challenges on his way to success, since then he has overcome many dangerous trials and incidents. Such of the incidences the Emir passed through was when he reported to Paki as a new teacher to one of the then primary schools, un knowingly to him, he was asked to stay in house that was believed to be a house that spirits stay and eventually who ever pass a night inside will not come out alive, but fortunately for the Emir, he spent night in the house and even hung his shirt in a tree that had the most disturbing spirits.

According to Magajin Malam, some of the signs the Emir saw in the house was a clear day break which made the Emir thought he was late for morning prayers, but later the Emir confirmed it was 2am. In the following morning, people were suprised when the Emir came out alive, that was around 1962.

Ederly people used to notice leadership traits in him which were very rare in a youngman like him.

ERMI: The Emir will be Celebrating 45th Anniversary on the throne. What are you going to say on this?

Magajin Malam: All praise be to Allah, the Almighty for spearing our lives to witness it in good health. May he live long and in good health. He worked with many Governors and Presidents for 45 years and there was no single allegation against him. Almighty Allah has endowed him with wisdom of leadership. He relates well with all manner of people.

The Emir is a Philanthropist, as well as a social crusader. He doesn’t get angry at all. He doesn’t back bite. We all emulate him, as he is worthy of emulation.
May Allah preserve him.

ERMI: Do you have any biological relationship with the Emir?.

Magajin Malam: My relationship with the Emir is not biological in nature per se, but was a family friendship that started with the late Emir of Zazzau, Alh. Muhammadu Aminu. My father, Malam Iro Kaya and Emir Aminu were very close friends. They attended the same school together. They mingled together. They were even the best men at each other’s weddings. My father was Head boy during their school days at Alhudahuda College. He was the 10th Head Boy in the hierarchy of those that headed the students. They studied along with the late Sarkin Padan Zazzau Alhaji Ahmadu Fatika, the father of the present one, Abbas Ahmadu Fatika.

Whenever they were on vocation, Emir of Zazzau Muhammadu Aminu and my father would trek down from Anguwar Juma in Zaria city where their family house was situated to Tsibiri in Giwa Local Government Area to greet the then Emir of Zazzau, Malam Sambo. From there they would go to Giwa town to greet the Magajin Garin Giwa, who was my uncle.

After their studies, Emir Aminu took his first appointment as health officer, while my father got his own with the then Native Authority (N.A).

Emir of Zazzau Muhammadu Aminu drew Alhaji Shehu Idris closer to him and made him his Principal Private Secretary (PPS), before he turbaned him as Danmadamin Zazzau and District Head of Birni da kewaye.

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