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Garkuwa and Sarkin Yam’man Sokoto Airport Quarrel

Hashim Saidu Sokoto, 16th Dec 2019, 4pm,


Garkuwa and Sarkin Yam’man Sokoto Airport Quarrel

The Garkuwan Sokoto, former Governor, Dr. Attahiru Bafarawa and Sarkin Yamman Sokoto, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamako, Both of the 2 are political giants and representatives of Sokoto Sultanate council under the umbrella of the esteemed  titles they hold.

Who ever hold traditional title is automatically representing his Emirates that is why it is paramount to preserve the virtues attached to titles by watching each and very verbal or physical steps because the general public are at watch.

It was gathered last week, at Sultan Abubakar 111 international airport, Sokoto, the 2 traditional title holders that hold purely highly originated titles of Garkuwa and Sarkin Yamma in the Sultanate, titles believed to have attachment with good representation, were seen exchanging words in a negative manner in public.

Garkuwa narrated that you Sarkin Yamma called me a migrant in Sokoto, then why should you want to talk to me, Sarkin Yamma responded, insisted and stood to his grounds on what he said. Garkuwa also added that , the grave of his Grand father is here in Sokoto and I can show it to any body, if you Sarkin Yamma can show us the grave of your grand father, we will be glad to see.

Both of them were flown to Abuja via the same aircraft.

Investigative team of the Royalty Magazine were in the Sokoto Palace to find out wheither the attention of the 2 political giants whom represent the Palace in various capacities can be called, but learnt, the Palace may not intervene because of the Political atmosphere of the state is not balanced.

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